Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Ugly Party vs. the Grown-Up Party

Michael Gerson has written a wonderful op-ed for the Washington Post which he begins with:

My political friendships and sympathies are increasingly determined not by ideology but by methodology. One of the most significant divisions in American public life is not between the Democrats and the Republicans; it is between the Ugly Party and the Grown-Up Party.

The rest is here.

It is wisdom we would do well to practice - both in civil and ecclesial politics. Too much of our discourse (and "any" would be too much) is a "type of discourse [that] is an odd combination between the snideness of the cool, mean kids in high school and the pettiness of Richard Nixon rambling on his tapes."

"If you only take offense when the president of your party is compared to Hitler, then you're part of the problem." The same is true when it comes to the leader(s) of your faction in church debates.

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