Saturday, November 6, 2010


Comments are most welcome here. After hearing that some people have had a hard time leaving a comment, I've reconfigured the setting. We'll see if that makes it easier. And we'll see if I get more comments as a result.


Bryan Owen said...

It's working now! Thanks, Matt.

Matt Gunter said...

It is curious to me that this post seems to get frequent attention. Since there isn't much here and I don't even have it labeled, I wonder why people check in with this particular post and how they've located it. Are people coming by this post because they want to see what comments are here? Is the topic of comments is more fascinating than I understand?

Or are people trying to figure out how to post a comment? I have heard that blogger can be pretty temperamental when it comes to posting comments from some systems. So, if it is this latter reason that you are checking out this post on comments and you would like to make an observation or ask a question, you are welcome to contact me here:
mattgunter "at" aol "dot" com.