Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Renk Health Clinic

St. Barnabas, Glen Ellyn, IL has been supporting the ministry of our sisters and brothers in the Diocese of Renk, of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan. Among the things we've supported is a Health Clinic. The clinic is directed by Dr. Paul Deng Kuol. There is a midwife, Sister Ruth Kur. And there is a pharmacy. The clinic sees as many a 100 patients a day for such things as treat malaria, diarrhea, a range of parasites, bronchitis and other lung ailments, HIV/AIDS, etc.
Dr. Paul
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For the last six years St. Barnabas has sponsored a fund-raising concert of eclectic music (several of our members are professional musicians and we invite some friends of the parish to perform as well). With the help of a matching grant, we have raised $12,000-16,000 dollars each year. These funds go directly to the purchase of medicine, vaccine, and vitamins. They also help to fund the salary of a midwife. The clinic is one of only a few in aregion in which the healthcare system is dismal. It is one of only 719 or so health clinics in southern Sudan for a population of 8.26 million people. And there is only one doctor for every 10 clinics.

Our support of the Renk Diocese Health Clinic addresses three of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):
Goal 4: Reduce child mortality rate
Goal 5: Improve maternal health
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

Sister Ruth, midwife
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Because of the approaching January 9 referendum, there is a possibility that for a while after the referendum the clinic will not have access to the resources available in Khartoum. And since Renk is on the main road from the north to the south, they are anticipating an influx of displaced persons forced to leave the north. Therefore, we want to send funds to for the clinic before the end of December. So, we are selling tickets early. We are also selling gift cards that people can give as Christmas presents. Check out GIVE SMART - three ideas for making your charitable donations count by one of our members.

The Clinic Pharmacy
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So, I know that there are lots of good causes out there, but I invite anyone who would like contribute to doing so. If you are interested in helping us help out the health clinic, you can send donations to

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
22W415 Butterfieled Rd.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Your gift will save lives and offer hope.

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