Monday, January 10, 2011

10 More

Last week I posted a list of "Top Ten" posts. The readership of this blog got a boost last summer. Consequently, nearly all of the "Top Ten" most read posts are from July 2010 and after. So, for those who might have missed them, here are ten more that were posted before the boost which seem to have struck a chord and were either printed in magazines, reposted elsewhere on the internet, or continue to get regular hits:

1. Immortality or Eternal Life?
2. Charged with the Holy Spirit
3. The Friendship Dance (of the Trinity)
4. "Tammy Metzger thinks you're cute" (and so does God)
5. Little Floaty Things That Say "No"
6. The Impossibility of Religious Pluralism
7. A "Whiskey Priest" Church
8. Seraphim of Sarov and the Burden of One Another
9. Joy-Smuggling Servants of the God of Joy
10. All Saints


The Rev. C. Earl Mahan said...

To what do you attribute the "boost?"


One Curious Blogger Priest

Matt Gunter said...

The boost came with the notoriety of being one of the nominees for Bishop of Springfield.