Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Repentance is no more than a passionate intention to know all things after the mode of heaven."
- Charles Williams, He Came Down From Heaven, p. 60


aredstatemystic said...

Lovely! Thank you, Father. I'm a big Charles Williams fan. Descent into Hell has greatly influenced my spiritual life.

Matt Gunter said...

I've not read Descent into Hell. I've read some of his other novels, but not that one. I prefer his essays, actually. Descent of the Dove is on my list of books that have most influenced me. His shorter essays on the Cross on the Way of Exchange and on the Way of Affirmation are also quite good.

It was reading Williams that inspired me to read the Divine Comedy. And his commentary on Dante, The Figure of Beatrice, is also a gem.

There are ways in which I prefer Williams to Lewis.