Friday, August 26, 2011

The Least Silly Thing One Can Say (about God)

Rowan Williams answering "Can Finite Human Beings Say True Things About an Infinite God?"

Radical Centrist Manifesto VIII
III. Centered in the Body of Christ,
Part 2: Centered in the Creed, iv

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Bryan Owen said...

An excellent video that highlights the thoughtful and faithful character of Rowan Williams.

His response reminds me a bit of something I saw posted on Facebook the other day by Phil Snyder (an Episcopal deacon):

"The correct way to complete the sentence that starts 'We cannot fully comprehend God' is to say, 'therefore, we are constrained by what Scripture and Tradition have taught us about Him' (e.g., what God has revealed about Himself). Because we cannot comprehend God, we don't get the luxury of determining ourselves what God is like or what God likes or what God dislikes. We must be limited to what God has chosen to reveal about Himself."