Friday, January 13, 2012

Radical Centrist Manifesto: Outline

This is not complete. But, I don't know what complete would look like since it started simply as an attempt to organize some of my thinking. I may add to it occasionally.

I. What it is Not,
Part 1: Not Moderate

Part 2, i: Not a Mid-point on a Spectrum

Part 2, ii, Jerome the Ciceronian

II. Centered on Jesus, the Cross and Resurrection,
Part 1: Living in the Center

Part 2: The Story and Other Stories

Part 3: The Way Jesus is

III. Centered in the Body of Christ,
Part 1: Persons in Communion

Part 2, i: Centered in the Creed

Part 2, ii: Centered in the Creed, F. D. Maurice

Part 2, iii: Centered in the Creed, Creedal Minimalism

Part 2, iv: Centered in the Creed, The Least Silly Thing One Can Say (about God)

Part 3: Faithfulness, Loyalty & Allegiance

Addendum: Some Radical Centrists

Thomas Merton

Austin Farrer

Rowan Williams

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BC said...

Fr Matt, many thanks indeed to bringing together these postings. Against a Gnostic left and a Donatist right, perhaps the creedal centre is the Anglican future?